The White House Collection

Dine with Presidents. Our White House Gift collection is a frontrunner in recreating the elegance and history of official State functions for the home. Each piece of pure china is both collectible and functional - truly a winning ticket. The patterns in White House Gifts Collections are reproductions of dinnerware designed for and used by Presidents of The United States of America. Each pattern has been carefully researched using plates from private collections. So, relax and enjoy using these beautiful Presidential china pieces just as our leaders have done in days gone by. Or you may choose to simply display them for all their intrinsic beauty. Either way, our White House Gift Collection is sure to be cherished for generations to come. Made in America.

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Andrew Jackson Luncheon  Plate
Franklin Pierce Dinner Plate
Franklin Pierce Luncheon  Plate
George Washington Dinner Plate

George Washington Dinner Plate

American made pure china. Plate size is 10 3/4 inches...


George Washington Luncheon Plate

George Washington Luncheon Plate

American made pure china. Plate is 9 1/4 inches...


Thomas Jefferson Salad/Desert Plate

Thomas Jefferson Salad/Desert Plate

Plate size is 7 3/4 inches, rim to rim...


Ulysses Grant Luncheon Plate
Zachery Taylor Dinner Plate
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