Abigail Adams

"Forget Me Not" Abigail Adams was born as Abigail Smith on November 11, 1744 in Weymouth, Massachusetts. She was the second of four children of the Rev. William and Elizabeth Quincy. Her health was delicate, so she never went to school. Her maternal grandmother, Mrs. John Quincy, had a great influence in her character and education. When Abigail was twenty years old, in 1764, she married John Adams, the future second US President. Abigail and John had five children....two daughters, and three sons. One of her sons, John Quincy, grew up and became the sixth President of the US. Ten years after John and Abigail married, the beginning of the American Revolution took place. Abigail took care of the family and the farm, keeping her family away from bankruptcy. In 1784, she went to Europe to join her husband. She stayed in Paris for eight months, and then moved to London for three years. In 1788, John returned with the rest of the family to the United States. During the Revolution, Abigail wrote many letters that she is now famous for. Her letters talked about current politics and expressed her opinions. When John was serving in the Continental Congress, Abigail wrote him a letter, telling him to "remember the ladies" when making the nation's new laws. Though Abigail really tried to give women more rights, the American Revolution didn’t do very much in that respect. The new state bills said that all the people were equal, but only white males had the full privileges of citizenship. It was clear in the letters that Abigail wrote that she was a Federalist. Her letters and writings are remembered as some of the best of her time.

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