The President's House: A History by William Seale

The President's House: A History by William Seale
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Washington built it, Jefferson added to it, Madison and Monroe rebuilt it; Andrew Johnson and Chester Arthur vowed to destroy and replace it; Theodore Roosevelt restored it, and half a century after that, Harry Truman replaced its old wooden bones with modern steel. In doing this he hoped to preserve the house forever. The clock, however, never stops at the White House. This compelling book in two rich volumes chronicles both the unique continuum of the White House through American history and the human story of the White House as home to the presidents and their families. From Washington through President George H. W. Bush, the reader experiences the many colorful facets of life in the seat of presidential power, the etiquette, politics, architecture and décor, landscaping, cuisine, all that make up the setting of the presidency. Presented in two elegant volumes with slipcase, this is a treasury of the people, the plans, and the purposes that have shaped the White House from the very beginning. New

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